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These days everyone claims to be a growing expert, but are they really? More importantly, are they lighting experts? At Dimlux we are disappointed with the amount of incorrect and inaccurate information that is circulated around the industry. Don’t believe everything you read and every chart you see. 

We find: 

  • Test results are often incomplete
  • Limited information is made available about how tests are actually executed, including what equipment has been used and the exact conditions of the test
  • Tests are often undertaken using the wrong equipment, and with too few points of measurement

Quality, performance, honesty and truthfulness are highly valued here at Dimlux, so we have undertaken some testing of our own. 

There are a number of different methods you can use to measure light. One of the most common methods used by the amateur tester is the multi-point measurement with a Quantum (PAR) Sensor. The problem with this method is that it has a very high margin of error caused by incorrect testing conditions.

Keep reading to see the 49-point tests we performed using an Ulbricht Sphere. 
Ulbricht Sphere

An Ulbrict Sphere. The best way to measure light from a light source like the brightest and best 1000 watt grow light available today. Dimlux.

The best and more accurate way of measuring light is to use an Ulbricht Sphere, which has a maximum error margin of only 2%! Recently the Dimlux Expert 1000W DE was compared with a Luxx fixture in a multi-point test on the website. We were astonished when we read the test findings, and had many questions to ask:
  • Why did you compare fixtures with different optical properties at the same height?
  • Why are there only 17 measuring points?
  • Why was the included Philips Greenpower Extra lamp replaced for a Luxx lamp?
  • Why was Dimlux tested at 5 feet height and all the other comparisons at 4 feet height?
  • What was the reason for these differing heights in a grow tent?
  • Why was our Dimlux manual not consulted to find out the ideal minimum height?
  • How was the test executed? Was it in a tent or in open space?
  • Which Quantum Sensor was used? Was it calibrated?
  • Was the Dimlux reflector set in the deep or wide position?
There were too many uncertainties and unknown variables for us to take the results of this test seriously. Because of this we performed the multi-point test again ourselves using the correct testing conditions to gain a much more accurate result, which you can see below:

Dimlux vs Luxx at 5 feet

Dimlux 1000 watt at 5 feet set to Wide
Dimlux 1000 watt at 5 feet set to Deep
Luxx 1000 Watt at 5 feet

Dimlux vs Luxx at 2 feet

Dimlux 1000 watt at 2 feet set to Deep
Dimlux 1000 watt at 2 feet set to Deep with Add-on Reflectors
Luxx 1000 Watt at 2 feet

Luxx at 3 feet

Test parameters: 

49 measuring points (7×7). 

Heights: 60cm, 90cm, and 150cm at 1000w and maximum boost. 

Coefficient of Variation = light spread


Luxx 1000 Watt at 3 feet

Attention Tent Growers!! Measurement at 5 feet (150cm) distance from canopy is not representative for a normal height to the crop in a 4 by 4 feet (120cm by 120cm) tent.

The minimum ideal height for a Dimlux is 2 feet (60cm) for this type of tent.

However, the Coefficient of Variation with Luxx at 2 feet is completely undesirable. You can see in the charts we provide, there are “hot spots” and “darker spots”. This variability in light distribution is what we call the “Coefficient of Variation”. At a height of 3 feet (90cm) the Luxx produces an acceptable distribution of light, as shown by the Coefficient of Variation.

But! When both fixtures are set at their ideal minimum height, Dimlux has a 51% higher PPFD output at 1000W.

Simple: Dimlux fixtures offer the highest levels of efficiency and output available on the market.

If a competitor has any doubts we are willing to have side by side tests performed at an independent laboratory under strict conditions.

The loser of these tests would then need to publish the results in the media. 

Seek the truth. Dimlux.

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