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We run 3 small 600 sq ft grow rooms, 21 Dimlux lights per room, and perpetually harvest a room every 3 weeks, and average over 60lbs a harvest, with two harvests hitting 77 lbs in 2 years of running these rooms, and we veg for less than 7 days per room and have ran 3-5-7 gallon pots all achieving similar results.
Jason Olsen
TreeHawk Farms
Vapor pressure deficit allowed me to visualize (metrically) the way I see how cannabis plants develop from clones to flower, and how environment plays a direct roll in how plants will perform optimally. At first, I was hesitant, mainly because of the high relative humidity that was essential to maintaining VPD and to potentially exposing my grow rooms to airborne pathogens that can harbor in high humidity environments, so I presumed. It became clear, very quickly as I started to balance my inputs, that when altering ONE input, YOU MUST then balance again your other inputs to align VPD pressures to coincide with the changes. For example, when I increase my watts from increments of 10 watts or more (Thanks to Dimlux technology) I knew to balance my inputs accordingly to the pressures in real time. This technique of fine tuning my grow room really allowed me to make real time adjustments and visualize that my plants were in fact happy under these environmental conditions, but most importantly gave me hard data to show alongside yield quality. Additionally, the maxi controller’s half force mode provided me the tools to build tolerance for my plants allowing me to get equal yields as Gavita while using half the power.
Linchpin Grower
Dimlux 630W CMHs have helped my grow in many different ways. The first being that my overall flower quality has improved by leaps and bounds. Second, would be the plants reaction to the light; they absolutely love it! The third is the lower power usage. Fourth, and this is probably my favorite, certain strains seem to finish a couple days to a week earlier than when grown under HPS. And the fifth, also a really good one, would be the node spacing and how vigorous they are in veg. I can basically shave a week off my usual veg time compared to HPS. Finally, if you have low ceilings, I would say 10 feet and under you’re going to absolutely love the Dimlux 630W CMH.

There’s been a lot of misinformation about yield with CMH because from what I’ve seen from multiple grows under both HPS and CMH the yield is always really close! The list of why these lights are awesome can go on forever. I absolutely love these lights!!!! I want to say thank you to the good people at Global Garden/Dimlux for putting such a great product out there and always having excellent customer service. Whenever I have had questions, they were right on top of it.

Thank you again to the fine people at Global Garden/Dimluxlighting!
Grower & Dimlux User

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